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Princess Margaret: A Biography



书名:Princess Margaret: A Biography9ij百睿谷-专注Kindle电子书资源和Kindle英文电子书的网站
作者:Theo Aronson9ij百睿谷-专注Kindle电子书资源和Kindle英文电子书的网站
简介:"Theo Aronson's latest royal book is a model of what a royal biography should be... The problems of being a princess in today's monarchy are vividly implicit in every page... I found the book eminently readable in an easy style that lends itself to wit and irony..." Elizabeth Longford, The Tablet "A balanced and on the whole generous interpretation of this most elusive of royal characters. Aronson expounds convincingly the almost intolerable pressures to which a woman of intelligence and character must find herself subjected when entrapped in the mesh of royal responsibilities." PHILIP ZIEGLER, Daily Telegraph 'Books of the Year' "Theo Aronson is a practised royal biographer who writes with fluidity... It is good to find royal gossip in which no one is absurdly inflated and no one
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